The maps of Greece.

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Map of Greece

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Using data from a more detailed map of all counties having our company to capture on a map scale 1:600.000, the optimal scale for a folded map. The map is two-sided, includes altitude background and captures all four categories of roads up dirt. It features all the Egnatia Odos, separating the sections under construction from already completed. The..

Map Best of Chalkidiki


Folding Map (road-tourist) of Chalkidiki.Emerald beaches, dense pine forests, dream hotels, small settlements by the sea with fish taverns and cafes, beach bar in coves, archeological sites with a long history, this is Chalkidiki.Explore it with the tourist map that includes information about the Prefecture of Chalkidiki.LANGUAGE: Greek / EnglishSC..

Map of Halkidiki - Road - tourist and nautical map

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Contains information about  Hotels, Campings, Monasteries, Means of Transport, Archaeological Sites, Sights, Town Halls, Museums, Hospitals etc.Travel and explore the prefecture of Halkidiki.In Pefkochori and Hanioti, in Kallithea Athytos, in Marmaras, Ouranoupolis and Mount Athos, tour and get to know the natural beauties of the prefecture wi..

Map of Kassandra - Road and Hiking Map

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COMPANY: RoadISBN: 9789604489749FORMAT: Folding MapLANGUAGE:  Greek / EnglishSCALE: 1: 50,000DIMENSIONS: 120mm x 245mm / 690mm X 980mmWEIGHT: 90 gr.AUTHOR: Collective WorkKassandra is the westernmost peninsula of Halkidiki.In ancient times, it was also called Pallini.It is one of the most famous places in Halkidiki with special tourist develop..

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