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2 Silver Coins 30 drachmas in Boxset.


30 drachma Royal Dynasty of 1963 in an amount of 3 million units (83.5% silver) and 30 drachmas commemorative for the wedding of former King Constantine (83.5% silver)...

Greek Ancient Pillars Melina

55.00€ 65.00€

Handmade charm inspired by the style of ancient Greece in 925 silver.The Greek column is an icon in architecture. They were created approx. in the year 600 before Christ. The columns have a different appearance depending on where in ancient Greece they were created. This column is a Ionic pillar symbolising wisdom, as the volutes (spiral at top) de..

Amphora - Water Container Melina

55.00€ 65.00€

Handmade in sterling silver 925.Amphora is the name of one of the most important objects from antiquity. Amphora is a container made of clay, metal, glass or stone, with a narrow neck and two handles. Amphora’s were mainly used for transporting and storing oil, wine and fish sauces, for the sake of stacking ships were the pointed bottom. Content, y..

Meandros - enamelled Melina

55.00€ 65.00€

Handmade in sterling silver 925.The Meander they were among the most important symbols in ancient Greece, they symbolized infinity and unity. Greek vases, especially during their Geometric Period, were likely the genesis for the widespread use of meanders.This bead is designed with the classic meander motif.Meanders are common decorative eleme..

Squares Melina

50.00€ 58.00€

A square is a geometric figure with four edges and four angles. The geometry is a part of mathematics and is derived from Greek. The word means "earth measurement", and the oldest geometry was indeed created by the ancient river cultures (the Egyptians and Babylonians), which may devise methods for measuring fields, etc. In mathematics, a square nu..

Halloween Pumpkin Melina

50.00€ 58.00€

Handmade in sterling silver 925.A jack-o-lantern to celebrate Halloween...

Parthenonas – Acropolis Melina

60.00€ 73.00€

Parthenon is the main temple on the Acropolis citadel in Athens and it is built in honor of the goddess Athena, Athens protector. Acropolis in Athens has a very long history, but the Parthenon was built in the fifth century BC and has since had a turbulent life. It has been bombed, burned, used as ammunition chamber and exposed to thousands of year..

Meandros Ω - Melina


Handmade charm inspired with the classic Meandros pattern in 925 silver.This bead is designed with the classic meander motif. Meanders are common decorative elements in Greek and Roman art. In ancient Greece they appear in many architectural friezes, and in bands on the pottery of ancient Greece and onwards. The design is common to the present..

Alexander the Great Coin - Melina

60.00€ 73.00€

Handmade charm inspired from coin of Alexander the Great, in 925 silver.Alexander the Great coins were an international currency. During his 13-year reign did Alexander mint coins in large parts of his growing empire. The cities in which many of these coin series is characterised, can now be determined, the numismatic research is thus able to provi..

Spartan Helmet Leonidas - Melina

55.00€ 65.00€

Handmade charm inspired by Leonidas' Spartan Helmet, in 925 silver.There exist many different types of warrior helmets in ancient Greece, but the Spartan version, made famous to the present time in the Hollywood movie, "300" is the best known. In 480 BC a small force of Spartan, approximately 300, led by King Leonidas made a legendary last sta..

Horse of Troya - Melina

55.00€ 65.00€

Handmade charm inspired by Horse of Troya, in 925 silver.We know The Trojan horse from Homer major literary works the Iliad and the Odyssey. After ten years' siege of Troy, Odysseus got an idea. On his initiative the Greeks built a large horse figurine of wood, in whose cavity Greek soldiers hid. The Trojans received the figure as a gift and..

Flour Mill - Melina

60.00€ 73.00€

Handmade charm inspired by Horse of Troya, in 925 silver.Old windmills for the production of flour, are seen everywhere in the Mediterranean area. Wherever the wind conditions are right, like along the coasts or on the high hills, stand an old mill. Either ruins of a mill or an intact mill. They have for centuries been an indispensable part of..

Turtle - Melina

55.00€ 65.00€

Handmade charm inspired by Turtle , in 925 silver.Turtle, symbol of longevity, good health and protection,The turtle is one of the four celestial animals - guardians of the four directions. It represents winter and its element is water.Thanks to its durability over time it is a symbol of longevity...

Gordian knot - Melina

55.00€ 65.00€

Handmade charm inspired by Gordian knot with enamel, in 925 silver.The term “Gordian knot,” commonly used to describe a complex or unsolvable problem, can be traced back to a legendary chapter in the life of Alexander the Great.As the story goes, in 333 B.C. the Macedonian conqueror marched his army into the Phrygian capital of Gordium..

Protective Eye (oval) - Melina

55.00€ 65.00€

Handmade charm inspired by Protective Eye, in 925 silver.The Protective Eye is to protect against the Evil Eye that is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed. At almost every stages of human history, man has looked for the assistance of magic objects called talismans to defy evil ..

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