Bronze Statues

Statues from Bronze, with Athena, Pegasus, Aphrodite, Leonidas, Achilles, Zeus, Discus, Trojan Horse, Poseidon, 12 gods, Helmet, Owl, Alexander the Great, Warrior, Poseidon, Satyros, Macedonian Thoracic, etc. 

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Goddess Athena Pensive - bronze statuette


It was found in two pieces, south of the Parthenon in 1888 and is one of the finest examples of the so-called "Severe Style".It depicts Athena standing in front of a low stele. The goddess wears a peplos, secured around the waist with a belt, and a Corinthian-style helmet. She stands leaning on her spear with one hand, while the other rests on her ..

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