Greek Statues from alabaster, brass, bronze Museum, and polyester. Replicas of ancient Greek art.

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Goddess Athena - protector of Athens made of alabaster


The Goddess Athena was the protector of the city of Athens and the goddess of wisdom and knowledge.The beloved daughter of Zeus, was one of the twelve Olympian gods.Its symbol was the owl and the olive tree was its sacred tree.The goddess is depicted wearing helmets and holding a shield.Athena often helped heroes.The Parthenon in Athens is the most..

Goddess Athena Pensive - bronze statuette


It was found in two pieces, south of the Parthenon in 1888 and is one of the finest examples of the so-called "Severe Style".It depicts Athena standing in front of a low stele. The goddess wears a peplos, secured around the waist with a belt, and a Corinthian-style helmet. She stands leaning on her spear with one hand, while the other rests on her ..

Greek Sword with handle - bronze based on transparent Plexiglass


The sword was an ancient Greek weapon.It was the main weapon in combination with the spear.It was used in both vertical and horizontal strokes.Dimension Sword : 5.5 X 5.5 X 37 cmPlexiglass base dimension : 14 X 10 X 40 cm..

Themis the goddess of justice - Polyester statuette


Themis, the Goddess of justice and law, blindfolded, holding her scales on her left hand and a sword on her right.The Themis was omniscient and gifted with prophetic abilities. Originally belonged to him the oracle of Delphi. Her name meant the laws of nature, the laws of gods and humans live together and especially the law of separation of the sex..

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