Detector GARRETT ACE 150
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Metal Detector GARRETT ACE 150

CODE: 17181


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    Instructions in English .
    Instruction Manual in GREEK
    Written Warranty for 2 Years .


Completely New Model of an Attitude Design Basics but Build Internal Circuit and Capabilities . Easy handling without complex settings is a Perfect Machine for Detecting Coins and Treasures . Equipped with Graphical Display Goal, Excellent Depth Detection , Technology Operation with the push of a button , without complicated setting the ACE-150 is the best detector in its class . Continuous Measurement Depth , Sound Separation Metal , Three Pre - set programs and Separation Of course the Most Advanced Liquid Crystal Display for quick visual identification of targets are few more of the new features of this stunning model .


    Handwriting Analyst Identity goal with the method the cursor. The analysis is done in five ( 5) Departments Conductivity .
    Depth Currency .
    Audio Split Identity Objective . Different Sound Response Depending on the Conductivity of Metal (Low , Medium, High) . Three (3 ) Different audio performance .
    Sensitivity Setting - Depth . Four (4 ) Settings.
    Indication Low battery level .
    External Speaker with very clean performance across the spectrum of tonal Odds ( Bass, Treble )
    Excellent New Releases "Pro-Formance" scanning disks replacement .
    Headphone .
    Large Liquid Crystal Display showing all settings .
    Testing of Electronic Circuits Microprocessor .
    Handy Keyboard with Soft Push .
    Operation with the touch of a button . Without Unnecessary or complex configuration mode starts immediately .
    Easy Disassembly into three pieces .


    Detection Method for All Metals .
    Detection Method for Jewelry.
    Detection Method for Currencies .


    Sensitivity Setting - Depth .
    Select Method Detection through Three ( 5) Pre - set programs Separation .


    Changing length of 1.06 m to 1.29 m
    Adjustable Arm rest .
    Weight 1.2 kg .
    Operating Frequency 6,5 kHz.
    Function with Four AA-size batteries (Minion).

 Manual Centering Target .

Even with the ACE-150 is not fitted with a centering target (pinpoint) is very easy each operator to locate the exact point of a metal target .

As you pass over a metal target the audible signal will sound at the finish of the disc in the movement over the target. In other words, if you pass the disc onto the target from left to right you will hear a beep when the left edge of the tray is above the target. Similarly, when you move your disk from right to left bumped from the target then the alarm will sound when the right edge of the tray is above the metal target .

Once you have finished tracing from right to left and from left to right move by 90 ° relative to the target and repeat the same procedure as mentioned above. You will find that your goal at the intersection of the two axes.

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