Discover the goodness of nature through the products Aroma Esti. Rejuvenate, restructure and keep your skin hydrated, firm and youthful. In the wide range of beauty care we offer, select based on your needs.

Hand Cream White Tea & Cucumber

CODE: 00150


With cucumber extract and white tea 75ml.

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Face Cream 24H Olive

CODE: 00038


24hour moisturizing face cream 50ml Olive's active extract acts reparative, hydrates, nourish, protect and reconstruct the skin, while offers anti-ageing protect. The skin becomes fresh, glowing and refreshing.

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Foot Cream Olive

CODE: 00040


Soothing & Nourishing Foot Cream with olive extracts 75ml. Thanks to its active ingredients, it smooths, softens and treats the skin, helping to regenerate cells.  

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Olive Shower Gel 200ML

CODE: 00042


Shower Gel with extracts of olive.

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Peeling Soap Sponge Olive 80gr

CODE: 00078


 Soap with scent of olives and olives oil. Suitable for every-day hygiene of all skin type.

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Peeling Soap Sponge Chamomile 80gr

CODE: 00077


Soap with delicate and sensual scent of chamomile and spring herbs.  Suitable for all skin types

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Peeling Soap Sponge Olive and Yogurt 80gr

CODE: 00078


Peeling soap-sponge olive and yogurt. Soap with scent of olive and yogurt. Suitable for every-day hygiene of all skin type.

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Body Peeling Hippophae & Olive

CODE: 00172


Body Peeling with Hippophae & Olive 200ml Cleanses skin leaving it softer while its rich synthesis acts against cellulite, tightens and smoothes skin.


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Massage Oil Argan & Olive 200 ml

CODE: 00177


Massage Oil with Argan & Olive./ Ideal for deep hydration and silky smooth skin.

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Massage Oil Hippophae & Olive 200gr

CODE: 00178


Massage Oil with Hippophae & Olive./ Ideal for deep hydration and silky smooth skin.

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Cleansing Milk Argan & Olive

CODE: 00193


Cleansing Milk with Argan & Olive 200ml. Ensures mild and deep cleaning while maintaining skin's balance. Suitabe for all skin types.

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Serum Hippophae & Olive

CODE: 00194


Lifting Face Serum with Hippophae & Olive 30ml. Ensures the necessary hydration of the skin cells making skin glowing and healthy. It restores skin health helping it regain its elasticity and firmness. .

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