Face Care

Face Care

Face Cream 24H Olive

CODE: 00038


24hour moisturizing face cream 50ml Olive's active extract acts reparative, hydrates, nourish, protect and reconstruct the skin, while offers anti-ageing protect. The skin becomes fresh, glowing and refreshing.

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Face Soap Argan & Olive

CODE: 00190


Face Soap with Argan & Olive 80gr. Cleanses gently while, due to its firming properties, refreshes skin and fights skin's laxity.

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Face Soap Hippophae & Olive

CODE: 00191


Face Soap with Hippophae & Olive 80gr.  Cleanses gently while treating skin, offering antioxidant protection.

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Cleansing Milk Argan & Olive

CODE: 00193


Cleansing Milk with Argan & Olive 200ml. Ensures mild and deep cleaning while maintaining skin's balance. Suitabe for all skin types.

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Serum Hippophae & Olive

CODE: 00194


Lifting Face Serum with Hippophae & Olive 30ml. Ensures the necessary hydration of the skin cells making skin glowing and healthy. It restores skin health helping it regain its elasticity and firmness. .

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Face Mask Hippophae & Olive

CODE: 00196


Face Mask with Hippophae & Olive 75ml. The rich in extracts synthesis offers deep moisturizing and intensive anti-wrinkle and antioxidant protection, gradually reducing wrinkles.

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Face Scrub Argan & Olive

CODE: 00197


Face Scrub with Argan & Olive 75ml. Due to its high in extracts synthesis this moisturizing face scrub offers glowing skin and cleans skin pores.

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